Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID)

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) aspires to reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID). All countries should have the opportunity to grow a flourishing productive sector, to increase their participation in international trade and to safeguard their environment.

Endorsed by UNIDO Member States through the Lima Declaration, which was adopted during the 15th session of the General Conference held in December 2013 in Lima, Peru, the concept aims to harness the full potential of industry’s contribution to the achievement of sustainable development and lasting prosperity for all.

Inclusive and sustainable industrial development means that:

  • Every country achieves a higher level of industrialization in their economies, and benefits from the globalization of markets for industrial goods and services
  • No one is left behind in benefiting from industrial growth, and prosperity is shared among women and men in all countries
  • Broader economic and social growth is supported within an environmentally sustainable framework
  • Unique knowledge and resources from all relevant development actors are combined to maximize the development impact of ISID


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