Union for the Mediterranean

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is a multilateral partnership aiming at increasing the potential for regional integration and cohesion among Euro-Mediterranean countries. It is inspired by the shared political will to revitalize efforts to transform the Mediterranean into an area of peace, democracy, cooperation and prosperity.

“Development of clusters in cultural and creative industries in the Southern Mediterranean” adheres to UfM priorities, especially within the Mediterranean Initiative for Jobs (Med4Jobs). Med4Jobs is one of its flagship initiatives to help increase the employability of youth and women, close the gap between labour demand and supply, and foster a culture of entrepreneurship and private sector development.

Given that the EU-funded project and Med4Jobs share important goals — namely the development of the private sector and the promotion of inclusive growth — the UfM Secretariat has decided to complement the project by serving as a regional platform for dialogue, exchange of experiences and dissemination of best practices within cultural and creative industries. This will further entrepreneurial cooperation with a particular focus on gender equality, promote new employment opportunities, and support inclusive growth in the Southern Mediterranean.

The UfM Secretariat will also organize eight workshops with the enterprises and stakeholders selected to receive assistance from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), the organization implementing the project. These workshops will provide an opportunity to identify common challenges across the region and define the training needs of the selected clusters.

The Union for the Mediterranean has attributed the project with its label as a sign of the project's potential to deliver concrete benefits to the citizens of the Euro-Mediterranean region.


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